As it is described previously, the Business Model illustrates the rationality of how an organization creates, offers and captures values. However, in the practical level, it is often difficult for business model to understand and be understood because of the complexity of the various elements related businesses.
In order to facilitate the understanding and use of the concept of Business Model, the Business Model Canvas was created and it will allow businesses to map out the business and can create, offer, and capture the values related to their businesses.
As the main reference for understanding the Business Model Canvas, Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur in his book entitled Business Model Generation (2010) offers a new breakthrough that can simplify the complicated concepts of Business Model. The book explains that a business can be described in a work sheet called Business Model Business Model Canvas which consists of nine (9) sections, so it can easily explain and discuss the shape of your business model (The competition also provides an opportunity for the winner to meet directly with one of the authors of the book, namely Alexander Osterwalder).
You need to know, INVESTORS prefer business opportunity that has been tested through recognition and a positive response from consumers. That means investors more than just like the Business Model than Business Plan.
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