ESPRIEX: Business Model Competition 2017
Tentative Event Schedule

Wednesday, 15 March  2017

08:00AM       Registration and Coffe Morning ( Faculty Hall)

09:00AM       Technical Meeting ( Faculty Hall)

10:00AM        Ice Breaking 

10:15AM         Business Class (Faculty Hall)

11:35AM          Friendship Lunch

12:35PM         Business Class (Faculty Hall)

03:00PM       Preparation for Galla Dinner  and Opening

06:30PM        Opening and Welcoming Performance  (Ballroom Hotel)

06:45PM        Dinner and Networking (Ballroom Hotel)

07:45PM        Speech by Project Officer ESPRIEX 4.0

07:55PM        Speech by Dean Faculty of Administrative Science UB

08:05PM       Speech and Official Opening by Rektor UB

08:15PM        Closing Perfomance and Welcoming ESPRIEX 4.0

08:25PM        Break for The Night (Day 1 Complete)


Thursday, 16 March  2017

07:30AM        Registration and Coffe Morning ( Faculty Hall)

08:15AM        Mentoring Session ( Various Class)

09:15AM        Last Minute Preparation

09:30AM        1st Round Presentation (Various Class)

12:00AM        Friendship Lunch

12:45PM         Result of Big 10 (Faculty Hall)

13:00PM         2nd Round Presentation  (Faculty Hall)

04:15PM         Result of Big 10 (Faculty Hall) 

04:30PM         Business Talk 1

05:30PM         Break

06:30PM         Grand Final Presentation  (Faculty Hall)

09:00PM         Business Talk 2  (Faculty Hall)

09:30PM         Awarding and Closin


Friday, 16 March  2017

07:30AM         Registration and Coffe Morning (University Club)

08:00AM        City Tour

11:30AM          Break  

12:30PM         City Tour 

06:00PM         Friendship Dinner

07:00PM         Farewll Party  (Day 3 Complete)